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I finally have a free Thursday evening and can watch Project Runway when it actually airs. Woo hoo! I’ve had rehearsals on Thursday for several weeks running (and several more ahead), so this is a rare treat. Why not take full advantage and liveblog this week’s episode? I’ve never liveblogged before, so we’ll see how this goes.

An athletic challenge?  I confess to not having high expectations for this challenge.

Interesting suit, Heidi.

I want to shoot Bert and Cecilia.  At least Cecilia has figured out this competition is not for her.  And Tim trots out his we can’t want you to succeed more than you do line.

It’s kind of dumb to have a race for team leader, but I loved Heidi running with Bert in her heels.  And I never expected to hear Danielle utter the phrase “hauling ass”.

Argh!  Our cable just went out.  Really?  Curse you, Murphy, and your stupid Law.

And we’re back!  And I am a bit confused because of what I missed.  It appears that maybe they are designing for Heidi’s activewear line, since she’s in the workroom?  And bald Josh is back – presumably because Cecilia left.

It looks like at least some of the fabrics were determined for the designers.  I like the prints.

The comments about whether the looks will work with sneakers highlight the difficulties of this sort of challenge.  How creative can you be with workout clothes?   I definitely prefer challenges that allow the competitors more range.

Laura and Anthony Ryan are basically telling Bert that they’ll lay the blame on him if the judges hate their stuff.  That sounds awful, but I actually think it is the right thing to do if your teammate is digging in his heels and not listening to reason.

Becky’s falling apart a bit and Joshua actually apologizes.  It wasn’t really his problem, as far as I can tell, that she didn’t have a voice in the design, but he was totally being a jerk to her.

Runway time!

Team Viktor: Colors aren’t bad.  That first look doesn’t make sense with sneakers, and the third doesn’t either.  Maxi dress with sneakers?  Overall, their team didn’t seem to want to make activewear.  Could be a good thing.  Could be a bad thing.

Ack, I can’t keep up!  Guess I will give my thoughts on the designs as they are judged.

Team Anthony Ryan:   Anthony Ryan’s design is a disaster – a messy patchwork of shapes and fabrics with no direction. I hate to say it, but Bert’s look isn’t bad, but it would have been better with shorts or pants instead of a skirt.  Isn’t that exactly what his team members said to him?  Laura’s look was nice, except that the vest fabric didn’t make sense with the rest of the outfit.

And despite their warnings, Bert claims he had no idea they disagreed with his look.  Oh god, stop showing closeups of Anthony Ryan’s shorts!  Ew!  I don’t think Laura’s look is as bad as the judges think, but they are right that the three outfits don’t make sense together.

Team Joshua: Becky’s look gave her a voice, but it is clearly last minute.  Joshua’s design is sloppy looking and has been done.  I kind of like the dress Anya made – the stripe of red was a great addition – but it looks messy.  And again, a maxi dress with sneakers?

And we get another catfight.  Sheesh!

Team Viktor again:  Viktor’s dress looks like it was crumpled in a suitcase for three weeks.  Why do they love it so much?  Olivier’s dress is just weird.  I agree with the judges that the t-shirt was kind of cool – was that bald Josh’s?

Team Bryce:  Thank you Heidi for pointing out that Danielle’s blouse is yet another predictably Danielle blouse.  Kimberly’s (or was it Danielle’s) jacket is, as they said, great but not with those shorts.  Bryce’s design was cool, if you didn’t know what the challenge was – not a look for sneakers.  And this team also had the problem of their set of designs not looking coherent.

I am happy to see Bryce getting some love, but did they really just say that these are the kind of clothes you wear with sneakers???

I have no idea who will be out.  Sadly I think Bert is safe.  Danielle is clearly in danger.

I think I like Bryce’s design best, but I bet the judges will pick Viktor’s team for the win.  They clearly had different expetcations for the challenge than I.  In fact, I expect Viktor to be the winning designer.

I was right about Viktor!   Oh, and that’s the twist – two winners!  Joshua wins, too?  Not so keen on that.

Bert lives.  Gah!

Yeah, that’s the right bottom two.  Ooh, and they kept Anthony Ryan in.  Based on all the work so far, that would be my call.  But if you just look at this challenge, his was the worst by far.

Tim is exceptionally supportive this season.  Is he getting all warm and fuzzy as he ages, or is there something about this group of designers that he just loves?  And, oh, the subtext of his comments about being honest on the runway.  Hee!

Next week, it’s a challenge having to do with kids.  I think I spotted some artwork in the workroom.  Please, tell me they have to base their designs on kids artwork!  That would be cool.


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